Other Locations

It doesn’t matter where you live, we have a place for you.There are a number of opportunities for driving positions in Eastern Michigan, Northwest Ohio, Southwest Ohio, Central Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Marvin Visser the Chief Operating Officer of the company states, “When we first started our company we knew that we would have a need to spread out with folks all over the Midwest. This is truer now than ever.”

We have drivers domiciled in locations throughout the Midwest. These “driver terminals” may have one or more drivers and they provide an important link to the entire system. You will be relatively self-directed with all dispatching coming through our central dispatch system. However, you will not be left alone. You will enjoy the same treatment and team-work that others already enjoy.

You will have the opportunity to interact with other drivers and even make regular visits to our existing terminals. You’ll experience a driver-friendly work environment that values communication and team-work.

We understand that working for Holland Special may not be for every driver. But if you make the decision to join Holland Special, you will be part of a team that understands, respects and appreciates what you do.

We welcome you to contact us to learn more.

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