Trucking is a demanding career.  Waiting around for info from your dispatcher and getting told to drive a broke truck is unacceptable.  Holland Special Delivery is committed to making your day smooth as silk.

We have an uncommon trait…  INTEGRITY.  We deliver on our promises, and our promises are quite simple.

  • Provide you with the safest place to drive in the industry
  • Do the RIGHT THING
  • Treat You like “one of us.”
  • Work really hard to get you the schedule and pay you desire

We all know recruiters that have made promises that dispatchers can’t keep.  So we found and hired the most straight shooting, direct recruiter in the Midwest.  Give us a call – we have a NO BULL Promise if we try to sell you BULL you don’t have to work here.


Holland Special Delivery offers a wide range of truck transportation and delivery services to industrial, commercial and agricultural firms. In today’s competitive truck driving market, out three hubs in Chicago, Milwaukee and Grand Rapids are constantly hiring truck drivers for both short haul and long distance (OTR or over the road) truck driving positions.