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Warehouse Solutions

For over 30 years Holland Special Delivery has been a quiet leader in 3PL warehousing, we are an expert in helping our customers drive efficiency into their supply chain.

We know that your needs are unique, so we customize warehouse solutions to your specific needs.  Using the Holland Special Way all of our programs start with a team of us learning what is important to you and your customers and from there we create a solution that will work with your unique requirements.

Our current customers utilize our cross-dock, long-term storage, high security storage, racked storage, single customer distribution centers, raw material management space and high value storage.  We do this in 3 main locations; Hudsonville, MI – Spring Lake, MI – Munster, IN (and soon Indianapolis, IN).


We obsess over three things…                                 



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A few comments from our customers….

“Holland Special Delivery has saved me over $100,000 last year and cut my transit time from unload by 10 days.”   -Logistics Manager from the consumer goods industry

“This is the only department I oversee that I don’t need to worry about.”    -Senior VP of a large furniture manufacturer

Holland Special Delivery helped when we were out of space and our production was being choked because of Holland Special Delivery we now have leveled our production schedule.”     -Operations Manager of a mid-sized manufacturer

“Holland Special Delivery has given us the ability to serve our customer and increase our market share.”  -Purchasing Manager of a global plastics company

Holland Special Delivery