High Quality Less Than Truckload Shipments

Less than truckload

If you think using an LTL carrier is the same old thing (service issues, damage problems, shortages,
overages and fitting your shipments into their system) you’re about to be pleasantly surprised. Holland
Special LTL is …. well …. Special.

Deliveries to office buildings, trade shows or malls can be difficult, which is why most companies avoid
these hard to handle jobs. Not Holland Special! We provide high-quality, less-than-truckload shipments
– even hard to handle, bulky and fragile items. (Office furniture, residential furniture, computers/electronics, prototype automotive, medical, etc.)

Your product could be blanket-wrapped, carton-careful or skidded and it will be handled with care by
one of our trained warehouseman. Our customers helped us develop a training program that shows
our warehouseman and drivers how you handle your freight. With that training and hiring the “right”
drivers we are confident that your shipments will arrive on-time and error free.

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